Symbols and abbreviations

Symbol Definition
# deduced form
× deleted form
^ normalized or reconstructed form
Abbreviation Definition
*S. normalized (Neo-)Sindarin
1st first person.
2nd second person
3rd third person
Arch. archaism
Astron. Astronomy
Biol. Biology
Bot. Botany
Cal. Calendar
Cf. See also
Geog. Geography
Geol. Geology
Ling. Linguitics
Mil. Military domain
N. Noldorin
Orn. Ornithology
Pej. pejorative register
Phil. Philosophy
Poet. literary or poetic language
Pop. People, name of a population
S. Sindarin
Theo. Theology
Zool. Zoology
abst. abstract form
adj. adjective
adj. num. number, numerical adjective
adv. adverb
aor. aorist
art. article
augm. augmentative
aux. auxiliary
by ext. by extension
by opp. by opposition
card. cardinal (number)
class pl. class plural
coll. collective plural
conj. conjunction
dem. demonstrative
der. derivative
dim. dimiminutive
dual dual
dual pl. dual
etym. etymology
excl. exclusive
f. feminine
fam. familiar
fut. future tense
ger. gerund
hypo. hypocoristic, affectionate diminutive
imp. imperative
incl. inclusive
inf. infinitive
interj. interjective
invar. invariable
irreg. pa. t. irregular past tense
lit. literally
m. masculine
mut. mutation
n. noun
n. pr. proprer name
nasal assim. nasal assimilation
nasal mut. nasal mutation
ord. ordinal (number)
pa. t. past tense
part. participle
perf. perfective
pl. plural
pol. polite
poss. possesive
pp. past participle
pref. prefix
prep. preposition
pres. present tense
pron. pronoun
quant. quantitative (number)
rel. relative (pronoun)
sg. singular
sing. singulative
soft mut. soft mutation (lenition)
unkn. unknown part of speech
v. verb
v. impers. impersonal verb
v. intrans. intransitive verb